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                                  Prisms Of Color In The Frozen Arctic Tundra

The Tundra, known in Finnish as tunturi, translates “treeless heights” in English.  It is in this far northern ecosystem, where the trees don’t grow, that the cruel waves of winter design a frozen world with prisms of color surrounding the short shrubs. In this frozen land of the arctic, the winters are extremly cold and very long. Here the summers, though famous for the midnight sun, are short and often very chilly. These treeless conditions are found in all the higher latitudes and elevations in the far northern arctic. Wherever you find permafrost, you will find tundra. In fact, tundra makes up almost half of all the land in Alaska.

There are two types of tundra in Alaska. One kind of tundra is found in higher elevations, the other is found in the far northern arctic regions. It makes no difference which you are in, they are lacking in sunshine and the land does not support the growth of any kind of trees. But you will find a gray scrub that when covered with ice, sparkles with it’s own tint of color. Beauty comes in many forms.

The trees may not grow on the tundra, but it is teaming with life. The tundra is home to millions of mosquitoes, a misserable companion for people and caribou. Each summer though, the many insects and mosquitoes are a major delicacy for the many birds that migrate to the arctic tundra. The birds also enjoy the many small plants and dwarf versions of other Alaskan plants. The tundra comes alive each summer with it’s many residents of the insect and bird families.

If you desire to explore the tundra, then it is best to visit during winter. In winter this boggy land becomes solid enough  for vehicles and people. During the winter time, when the short shrubs and plants are frozen, you may see prisms of color, as the ice coats every living plant. Take a break from society and discover the far north…..the tundra is waiting with adventure in it’s wings!

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