Dreaming Of An Artic Vacation

Ice Fishing On Chena Lake

When you dream of going to the Artic, what do you think of?  Do you think of frozen lakes where you can practice the art of ice fishing? Yes, ice fishing is an art! There are many varieties of ice fishing and it is all available in Alaska.  You may errect many different types of temporary shelders, from an artic tent to an igloo or ice house. With some basic education, proper clothes and supplies,  and a good guide, you can spend a few days and bring back a haul of awesome artic fish. There really is nothing like the art of ice fishing!

Endless Snow Covered Mountain Peaks 

Do you often wish that you could fly over the endless mountain ranges in Alaska? They are magnificent with their snow covered peaks. These beautiful mountains are near Juneau, Alaska. There are many flight tours that will let you discover sights that you will never see from the ground. Much of Alaska is rural and not accessible, except by air. Or maybe you would like to learn to fly a plane yourself. Whatever your dream, only you can make it happen.

The Alaska Range Mountains

Do you desire to see the sights, without getting too chilled  in this cold panorama of magnificent grandeur ? How about a land tour in a warm winter equipped bus or van? There are many tour companies that specialize in scenic winter road trips that will leave you awe struck. See the beautiful rivers and lakes, with many spectacular mountains in the background. Is it time to get out of your easy chair and see the unsurpassed beauty in your own back yard?

Early Fall In Denali National Park
What about a trip to see the Denali National Park and many other scenic parks before the snow gets serious? Discover things like this old abandoned outhouse which has survived many winters in this frozen north country. Fly into Anchorage, rent a car,  and then  explore to your hearts content. Stay a day, or stay a month, adventure is waiting.

Alaskan Red Fox 

Alaskan wildlife is everywhere. This little fox wants to play in the parking lot of a  Cantwell business. What do you think? Should we get out of the car? You never know what you will see when out for a drive. Every day is new and a whole new world is waiting. Come on up north and check out America’s largest state, Alaska. Adventure is waiting around each curve. Today is the day to try something new and different. What is your winter dream?


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