Driving in the Ice Fog in the Subarctic of Alaska

Driving in the Ice Fog in the Subarctic of Alaska

Ice Fog in the Subarctic of Alaska

The temperature is -61 and life is frozen still 

Driving under a clear polar night sky, the ice fog is thick with enchanting danger.

It is hard to see anything with only shadows to drive by.

The road is full of snow powder, creating a blinding crystal snow cloud along the way.

If I stop, it may be where I spend the night, and I am not going to risk freezing.

No stopping for me!

The heater is full blast, yet the brutal cold overpowers my heat.

The steering wheel is burning my fingers, and I long to be warm again.

My thoughts are of home and it’s warm embrace.

The trees and wild life are still, life is in a cold hibernation.

Home, so far away, can I find my way back to you in this frozen land?

Home, my beautiful warm friend.

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